Virus - Memento Collider (2016)

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Virus - Memento Collider (2016)

Bericht door Richardus » 05 jun 2016, 07:34


The lack of a significantly dark, chaotic atmosphere with Virus does not mean that their music isn't still strange as hell, however. How would you label Virus exactly, and on what grounds? Would you call them prog metal, on the basis of the jazz-like drumming and off beat rhythms found on tracks like "Dripping Into Orbit"? It's possible. You could perhaps, just as easily, call them psychedelic, going off of the more relaxed, trippy style of guitar found later in the same track. But wait, what about those pounding, throbbing, bass lines throughout Memento Collider? Are we dealing with some sort of off-the-wall funk band here? Could be. And further still, what about when that more lo fi, dissonant type guitar tone from Czral pops up, especially on "Steamer"? Is there a potential black metal influence here? All of these labels could be accurate. None of them could be accurate. And that's the beauty of this band's mystery. - Metalstorm

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Re: Virus - Memento Collider (2016)

Bericht door Siegfried Stahl » 05 jun 2016, 11:53

Nog nooit van een stemapparaat gehoord waarschijnlijk?
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Re: Virus - Memento Collider (2016)

Bericht door Krautsurfer » 05 jun 2016, 17:52

Too Freud to live
Too Jung to die

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