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Humanfly - Awesome Science (2013)

Geplaatst: 30 sep 2013, 16:48
door Richardus

As a band that has been in existence for close to 12 years now, Humanfly are somewhat of an institution in the UK. As purveyors of the mighty ‘riff’ they are without doubt one of the best.
Humanfly’s previous 3 albums saw them gradually edge away from their original fast, hardcore,DIY punk sound through to post-metal, now taking them to their current form which in the case of new album ‘Awesome Science’ is a massive prog beast.
There’s been a shift in dynamics which may come as a surprise to many who were used to the ‘quiet, loud, even louder’ formula that worked so well. ‘Awesome Science’ is very much and in every sense, shape and form a prog album.

Humanfly have crafted an astonishing record that moves, shifts and at certain moments elevates the listener leaving them gobsmacked by the sheer musicianship on display. Think King Crimson meets The Mars Volta and you are almost there.

Re: Humanfly - Awesome Science (2013)

Geplaatst: 04 okt 2013, 23:18
door Hensup
Wat een ouderwetse meuk, Richardusniet. Ben jij nou een vitale jongeman?

Re: Humanfly - Awesome Science (2013)

Geplaatst: 14 okt 2013, 18:04
door Richardus
DLP slechts 6 pond momenteel